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Art of Russia/Architecture (Art of Russia/Architecture) 1969 Kostochkin V.V. Album. Feudal Architecture of Ancient Rus Some of the early Russian fortresses are superb historical monuments ranking as the world's best achievements in architecture. Their style, always explicit and individual, is reminiscent of the romantic exploits of the past. It is something that incarnates the heroism and courage of the Russian people, their love for the country and an immense effort dedicated to its defence and safe-guarding its interests.

Art of Russia/Architecture (Art of Russia/Architecture) 1965 - Album. Russian Wooden Architecture In wooden architecture, Russian art reached a pinnacle of achievement.

Museums (Museums) 1973 Potin V., Vahromeeva M., Babanov V. European cities on coins of the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries. The Hermitage museum European cities on coins of the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries.

Art of Russia/Architecture, Museums (Art of Russia/Architecture, Museums) 1968 - Kirillo-Belozersky Museum of History, Art, and Architecture Views of the Ferapontov monastery and Kirillo-Belozersky monastery.

Art of Russia/Architecture, Russian regions/Crimea (Art of Russia/Architecture, Russian regions/Crimea) 1983 Venikeev E. The Architecture of Sevastopol Guide to the architecture of Sevastopol, the history of its development, interesting buildings and monuments.

Russian regions/Crimea (Russian regions/Crimea) 1982 - Crimea. Guide There are corners on our earth so beautiful that each time you - visit them they give you a sense of happiness.

Russian history/Phaleristics, Russian history/Numismatics (Russian history/Phaleristics, Russian history/Numismatics) 1974 - Medals and coins of the Age of Peter the Great Among the art treasures left us by that stormy epoch of Russian history, the late seventeenth and the first quarter of the eighteenth centuries, coins and medals occupy a prominent place. Their importance as a source of historical knowledge was fully appreciated by Lomonosov who referred to them in his works as 'numismatic history'.

Animal breeding (Animal breeding) 1983 Barmintsev Yu.N., Kozhevnicov Ye.V. Horse Breedings in the USSR An album acquaints with development of the horse breeding in the USSR, breeds, tribal work, use of horse, olympic (classic) types of equestrianism, national equestrian games. Counted on the workers of this industry, and also all, who loves horse. This album - about a horse, true friend and helper of man during millenniums, about the variety of horse breeds, role and value of horse in life of modern society, new stage of development of the horse breeding.

Museums (Museums) 1968 Belov G. The collection of terracota statuettes from Tanagra The collection of terracota statuettes from Tanagra is one of the most valuable treasures of the State Hermitage. This collection was purchased from P. A. Saburov in 1884. P. A. Saburov was a connoisseur and lover of antique art who had collected his statuettes in Greece.

Art of Russia/Painting (Art of Russia/Painting) 1990 Shuvalova I. Ivan Shishkin This new title in the series Nineteenth-Century Russian Painters is devoted to Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832 - 1898). One of the major exponents of realist landscape painting, Shishkin contributed to the Russian art treasury such classical works as Forest Vistas, Rye, Pines Lit Up by the Sun and Mast-tree Grove. He was a founding-member of the Society for Circulating Art Exhibitions and Professor at the St Petersburg Academy of Arts. Soon to appear in this series are books about Valentin Serov, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Victor Vasnetsov and Vasily Surikov.

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