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Art of Russia/Painting 1990 - Shuvalova I. Ivan Shishkin

Russian history/Phaleristics 1990 - Durov V. Russian and soviet military

Art of Russia, Museums 1985 - Rostov Enamels

Art of Russia/Architecture, Russian regions/Crimea 1983 - Venikeev E. The Architecture of Sevastopol

Animal breeding 1983 - Barmintsev Yu.N., Kozhevnicov Ye.V. Horse Breedings in the USSR

Art of Russia 1983 - Shishkin

Museums 1982 - The Pushkin state museum-preserve

Russian regions/Crimea 1982 - Crimea. Guide

Museums 1977 - The State Armoury of the Moscow Kremlin

Russian history/Phaleristics, Russian history/Numismatics 1974 - Medals and coins of the Age of Peter the Great

Museums 1973 - Potin V., Vahromeeva M., Babanov V. European cities on coins of the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries. The Hermitage museum

Art of Russia 1972 - Postnikova-Loseva M.M., Platonova N.G., Ulyanova B.L. Russian Niello Art

Museums 1971 - Petrodvorets

Art of Russia/Architecture 1969 - Kostochkin V.V. Album. Feudal Architecture of Ancient Rus

Museums 1968 - Belov G. The collection of terracota statuettes from Tanagra

Art of Russia/Architecture, Museums 1968 - Kirillo-Belozersky Museum of History, Art, and Architecture

Art of Russia/Architecture 1965 - Album. Russian Wooden Architecture

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