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February - March: several of his ink drawings are put on show at the permanent exhibition in Düsseldorf and receive favourable notice (in the magazine Düsseldorf Herald). Continues to produce lithographs. June: returns to Russia. Summer: resides in Yelabuga, goes for outings to its picturesque environs on the banks of the Rama. September: participates in the Academy exhibition. September 12: is awarded the title of Academician for his picture View in the Vicinity of Düsseldorf. October: takes up permanent residence in St. Petersburg. Establishes close ties with members of the St. Petersburg Artel of Artists, the first creative association of realist artists in the history of Russian culture, founded by fourteen students of the Academy who refused to paint their diploma assignments on a compulsory mythological theme, rebelled against academic routine, and resigned from the Academy in 1863 (this organized protest in known in the history of Russian art as the "Rebellion of the Fourteen"). Becomes an active participant in the Artel's "Thursdays".

предыдущая главасодержаниеследующая глава

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