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Summer: works from nature in the village of Konstantinovka. Does the ink drawings Forest Road, The Forest, A Walk in the Summer Gardens, St. Petersburg; paints the canvas Midday in the Neighbourhood of Moscow, the first of many of his works to be acquired by Pavel Tretyakov, the owner of the largest collection of Russian art in the country (now the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow). Takes part in the Academy of Arts exhibition. November: endorses a scheme outlined in a letter by a group of democratically-minded Moscow artists (Vasily Perov, Lev Kamenev, Alexei Savra-sov and others) to their colleagues in the capital concerning the organization of a travelling exhibition. December 7: is elected to the jury entrusted with selecting works for competitions regularly organized by the Society for the Encouragement of Artists. Takes part in the preparation of a collection of lithographs published by the St. Petersburg Artel of Artists.

предыдущая главасодержаниеследующая глава

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