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Kostochkin Vladimir Vladimirovich 'Album. Feudal Architecture of Ancient Rus'
Kostochkin Vladimir Vladimirovich 'Album. Feudal Architecture of Ancient Rus'

"Feudal architecture of ancient Russia"

Publisher "Art", Moscow

State Research Museum of Architecture. A.V. Shchusev

Lyricist and composer album Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Kostochkin

In the selection of illustrations participated researcher at the museum Naletov A.G.

Joseph Volokolamsk Monastery (Moscow region).. Tower Photo by Aleksandrov
Joseph Volokolamsk Monastery (Moscow region). Tower Photo by Aleksandrov


Vladimir Vladimirovich Kostochkin

Album "Serf architecture Old Russia"

Editor T. Mills

Tech. Editor of Il'ina M.

Correctors I. Radchenko, N. Brzhevskaya

Signed for printing 21. III-69 Ed. № 13-331 Format 60H92 1/8. Coated paper 140 gr. Pec. l. 21. Conv. l. 22.68. Uch.-ed. l. 22.305

Price 5 p. 53 K. Circulation 20000. Order 005120. Typography Grafia KG

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