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The State Armoury of the Moscow Kremlin

The State Armoury Museum in the Moscow Kremlin, the oldest Russian Museum, is an art treasure depository bearing witness to the growing economic and political might of Moscow, the centre of the united Russian principalities. The growing influence and power of Moscow in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries brought in their train the extensive building of churches and palaces. Magnificent church plate for state occasions became customary, as did expensive table services and precious items of personal adornment. Talented armourers, gold and silversmiths, wood and bone carvers, embroiderers and architects came to Moscow from all over Russia and from abroad. The Armoury is extremely popular. Every day thousands of visitors take away with them vivid impressions of the treasures they saw here.

- 'The State Armoury of the Moscow Kremlin' - Moscow: Planet, 1977 - с.16

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