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Postnikova-Loseva M.M., Platonova N.G., Ulyanova B.L. 'Russian Niello Art'
Postnikova-Loseva M.M., Platonova N.G., Ulyanova B.L. 'Russian Niello Art'

The book exhibits niello art stored in the State Historical Museum. The authors give a description of the history of the origin and development of niello art in Russia.

The State Historical Museum

Publisher "Art" Moscow 1972


Photos made Tartakovskim AA

  Introductory article written by a team of authors: M. M. Postnikov-Losev - Introduction, techniques of manufacturing niello products XII-XVII centuries, niello products Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Kostroma, Siberian cities of the XVIII century and the first half of the XIX century; N. G. Platonov - niello products cities of the Russian North - Great Ustyug, Vologda, Vyatka - XVIII-XIX centuries; B. L. Ulyanov - niello products Moscow and St. Petersburg the second half of the XIX century and early XX century, niello products Moscow and the Great Ustiug Soviet period.

  Dictionary masters made by the authors of the written sections, respectively.

  Marina M. Postnikov, Platonov Nina G., Ulyanov Bella Lazarevna

  "Russian niello art"

  Editor Kuratov I.

  Design and layout Smirnova

  Technical Editor bachek R.

  Concealer Yurovets S.

  A03604 Signed for printing 8/II 1972 Format 60 X 90 1/8. Coated paper 120 g Printed l. 18 Registration-ed.

  L. 15,097. Circulation 20000 copies. Publishing № 750. Publisher "Art", Moscow, K-51, Color Boulevard, Order № 232. 25. Price 3 p. 87 to.

  Order of Red Banner of Labor Leningrad typography number 3 named after Ivan Fedorov Glavpoligrafproma Press Committee at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Zvenigorod, 11.

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