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The Pushkin state museum-preserve
The Pushkin state museum-preserve

"The state Museum-reserve of Pushkin A. S."

On the first side of the cover: Peter. Manor

On the second side of the cover: river Valley Soroti

Photo Ivanov Century

Artist Bulanov K.

Editor Ivanova L.

The artwork. editor Demidov Century

Technology. editors T.C. plahtiy So, Gorshkova Century

Concealer N. The boksha

3121211. A. 30.11.81: Circulation of 100,000 copies of 16 cards. Price 53 kopecks I-443. Zack. No. 4458. Factory "Children's book" No. 1.


П 4911020000-272 268-82

© Publishing house "Soviet Russia", 1982

Price 53 kopecks

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