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Rostov Enamels

Rostov Yaroslavsky lies to the north-east of Moscow on the shores of the beautiful Lake Nero. This eleven-centuries-old town was renowne'd for its outstanding architects and its folk craftsmen who excelled in icon painting, wood-carving, embroidery and pottery. Today, Rostov is deservedly proud of its unique enamelled paintings. Back in the eighteenth century, the work of the Rostov goldsmith-enamellers was much prized and found its way into the famous Armoury in the Moscow Kremlin. The enamel painting of Rostov was revived at the beginning of the Soviet period. This was due in large measure to the efforts of the well-known Soviet artist Sergei Chekhonin, who gave a new lease of life to the neglected techniques and forms of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

- 'Rostov Enamels' - Moscow: Planeta, 1985 - с.15

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