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Ready-made business from $900.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

We warrant the result in accordance with the contract.
We advise on the tax legislation of the Russian Federation.
We employ international lawyers with knowledge of English/Turkish languages.
We will analyze your business and its prospects in Russia.
Free legal advice at all stages of the procedure.

Stages of work

You leave a request on the website, a specialist contacts you and conducts an initial consultation for free.
Request for a service
We evaluate the prospects of your company in Russia and form a strategy for entering the Russian market.
Business audit
Our experts help you choose the most optimal option for starting a business in Russia, and we enter into a contrcat.
Signing the contract
You provide us with the information we need to successfully open business in Russia.
Providing information
We prepare all the documents, execute the procedure legally and open a company in Russia.
Company registration
After opening business in Russia, we will advise you on the legislation of the Russian Federation for 6 months.
Legal support
Without knowledge of the specifics of local legislation, you may be denied state registration of business.
Poor knowledge of business Russian leads to a long business opening - up to 1-2 years.
Ignorance of the nuances of interaction with public authorities agencies leads to a refusal to open a company.
You need to know which form of business to choose at the stage of its opening in Russia in order to avoid unnecessary costs and make more profit.

Why might business registration not go according to plan?

Why is it profitable to open business in Russia?

Government support for business
Flexible taxation system
Stable GDP growth of 5.4%* (*at the beginning of 2024)
New development opportunities for your business
is an expert on opening a business in Russia for foreigners
Sytar Dmitry

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